frankman – white rabbit

dpm03_600incl remixes by helly larson, marc cotterell and deephope . . .

release in 09/2012 . . .


all tracks written and produced by andreas greiner jun.
additional producer: helly larson, marc cotterell, david garcia
artwork by jay eff
format: digi

© deep pressure music

release date:
19/02/2013 exclusive on
05/03/2013 worldwide (e.g. stompy, beatport, itunes, juno, audiojelly, satellite)

some feedback

Deep Spelle: Very nice deep stuff here. Will give a try to Original and Deephope! Thx !
Richie Hartness ( Outstanding mood and groove. Hard to pick a winner from both versions of Flying to Barcelona – awesome stuff.
Alex V (Sophisticate Recordings): Fantastic tracks full of deepness from two of the best spanish great producers! I´m enjoy them right now!! Thanks to deep pressure music for this piece of beauty.
Alex B. Groove ( nice one. thanks!
deepGroove: Wieder sehr nice. 100% support.
Nosak ( very good release!! this is what i like to play ! deep mood !!
John P. (West Radio): great release! will play on west radio! thanks
Di Costa (DJ/Radio Host): Magnificent split EP from Deephope and Zuat-Zu. Classy emotion- filled deepness by defitition. Love the originals and especially ‘Song for a Son’ – I bet it’s dedicated to David’s newborn son. Such a lovely present!!! Thanks for sending. Full support on that jewel!
Robert Owens: great track
Rory Cochrane (Deep Site Recordings): Absolutely gorgeous deep house, original of Flying to Barcelona is my pick but overall its real quality, all have something i like! Thanks for sending!
Tunnel FM: Dope track from Deephope, will support
Mr Jones/The Disclosure Project: The Rockford remix works best musically for me here, thanks for sending.
Thomas Pudell (Black Alley//Clark & Pudell): wonderful release with three strong version to play…. love it!
Robert Grand ( Love it! Thank you